NB: The order is only confirmed when you have received an email/SMS with the date, place and time of your arrival. Call +47 70 12 80 08 if you want to book a table for more than twelve people! 🙂

Remember to press the “Send” button when you have entered your details. From time to time, it may happen that table reservations via mobile devices do not go through. If you cannot find a free table in the calendar, we may have available tables outside the booking system.

On Friday and Saturday, there is a 20-year age limit after 10.30 PM.

We will hold the table for 30 minutes after your confirmed arrival time. After this, the table may be used for new guests.

The office is staffed Monday to Friday from 10 AM to 4 PM. After this, it may regrettably happen that you have to wait or do not get an answer because we are busy and must take care of our guests.

Are you a group of more than ten people?
In order for you to have the best possible experience, we ask you to order a joint menu from the group menu and send this to us no later than the day before your arrival.

Welcome to Happy Elefante!